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Dimitris Raptis @Property News

Entering the Polish office market was a real achievement for our company. During his latest interview with Property News, Dimitris Raptis, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer at Globalworth, talked about this, the steady economic progress, investment strategies and the main pillars of our growth plans.

One highlight from this interview consists of the development path that took Globalworth from being the leader of the Romanian real estate market to becoming the largest player on the Polish office segment, all that in less than a year. "It was fun, exciting, but also there was no shortage of challenges and hard work", mentioned Dimitris Raptis, who also added that the most important part of the expansion to Poland was the acquisition of "a solid platform with experienced people and strong assets to build a local company that will work for many years". 

More information about the process of expanding to Poland and the future plans of Globalworth can be found here, in the full interview.