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Renault Bucharest Connected awarded two green certifications: BREEAM Excellent and EDGE

We continue our mission to make the world a better place and provide advanced technical solutions for protecting the environment and create sustainable workspaces.

For the first time in the Romanian market, our team was awarded two green certifications – BREEAM Excellent and EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) for one of our landmark offices – Renault Bucharest Connected development. The project, which is estimated to use one-third less energy and half of the water consumption of a typical building, is the first office and design centre in the country to receive EDGE certification, an innovation of IFC, member of the World Bank Group.

“When developing a new project, we plan every stage in a sustainable manner in order to reduce its impact on the environment through the building’s entire life. The design phase is key, as this is the point at which we set our goals for the new development. The Globalworth standard is for a high-quality building with low water and energy consumption, green areas and enhanced interior comfort for our partners. This strategy has been recognised with certifications such as these received by Renault Bucharest Connected, a first for an office building in Romania”, said Dimitris Pergamalis, our Head of Construction & Development.

To be awarded EDGE certification, a building must reduce energy and water consumption by 20% and use 20% less energy in the fabrication of construction materials, resulting in a positive impact on the environment and reducing maintenance costs. The Renault Bucharest Connected offices have been certified as having 35% lower energy consumption, water savings of 50%, and over 20% less embodied energy in its materials.

“IFC client Globalworth has made an outstanding commitment to sustainability by double-certifying its Renault Bucharest Connected project with both BREEAM and EDGE. The company has enhanced its market leadership and kept carbon impacts to a minimum while simultaneously creating value for its client, Groupe Renault Romania”, said Alzbeta Klein, IFC’s Director and Global Head of Climate Business.

In addition to energy efficiency and water use, BREEAM certification takes into consideration criteria such as the sustainability of the materials used, energy, materials and waste management from the construction process, and the degree of pollution generated by the newly constructed building (NOx emissions), as well as the design phase and the management process. Renault Bucharest Connected has been developed to deliver low energy consumption and maximum efficiency in heating, cooling and ventilation. For the design phase, the building received a score of 89 out of a maximum of 100.

A distinctive feature of the project are the two generous atria that allow natural light into the office spaces, not only benefitting the well-being of employees but also reducing maintenance costs. This is amplified by the glass façade of the building, designed to minimise heat loss during winter.

BuildGreen, the leading local consultancy for the design, development and certification of sustainable buildings, advised our team on the process.

“Receiving two green certifications simultaneously represents a first at regional level, as well as a proof of the highest level of performance of this project developed by Globalworth. This achievement will be reflected both in very low operating costs for the tenant and in creating a friendly work environment for the employees. We managed to implement technical solutions which reduce energy and water consumption, from intelligent lightning, ultra-performing ventilation systems and a façade with passive design elements and reduced thermal transfer”, added Răzvan Nica, Managing Director BuildGreen.

Renault Bucharest Connected was developed by Elgan Offices, a company owned equally by our team and Elgan Group (represented by Mr. Simon Roth) and was delivered to our tenant, Groupe Renault Romania, in February. The almost 58,000 square metres encompassing office buildings, facilities and a design centre were completed in 561 days.

At the end of 2018, over 70% of the standing commercial properties in our real estate portfolio in Romania and Poland, in total 30 buildings, were certified green. This number increased in 2019 following the green accreditation of Tower 2 of Globalworth Campus and Renault Bucharest Connected in Romania, and the addition of the Warsaw Trade Tower in Poland. Another 18 properties are under certification or recertification, and once the process will be completed, our portfolio will be entirely green certified.