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Norbert Sasse
Non-Executive Director
Norbert Sasse is Chief Executive Officer of Growthpoint. He has 10 years’ experience in corporate finance with Ernst & Young Corporate Advisory (in South Africa and London) and Investec Corporate Finance (in South Africa). Norbert was instrumental in growing Growthpoint from a listed property fund having assets of ZAR 100 million and a market capitalization of ZAR 30 million in 2001 to South Africa’s largest listed property company with assets of over ZAR 112 billion and a market capitalization of ZAR 73 billion as at January 2017. Norbert led Growthpoint’s first offshore investment in Australia in 2009 by investing AUD200 million in Orchard Industrial Fund and subsequently renamed Growthpoint Properties Australia, (“GOZ”) a property company that was facing foreclosure. With a market capitalization of AUD250 million following the recapitalization of the company by Growthpoint, GOZ has now grown to a market cap of AUD2 billion. He was also involved in establishing the Association of Property Loan Stock Companies (PLS Association), which has subsequently been renamed SAREIT (South African Real Estate Association). Norbert holds a BCom and Honours degree in Accounting from Rand Afrikaans University and is a Chartered Accountant.