The Globalworth family, and its Founder in particular, have, directly or indirectly, supported numerous local communities, charities and hospitals in Romania over the past 10 years. We have predominantly focused on those in need, with particular attention given to young children, orphanages, under-privileged families, single mothers and those in need of palliative care at the initiative of Hospices of Hope.

Every year we try to give a little bit more to those in need and we are very proud that our Founder, the companies under his control, and Globalworth (since its inception) have donated more than €1.2m in charitable contributions since 2011. In addition, our employees are contributing to several charities in Romania by diverting part of their State income tax deductions to charitable service.

Our involvement in causes goes over and beyond the financial contributions that we are committed to making. By organising events and visiting selected charities throughout the year, we actively support a number of causes and those in need. In 2015, these included distributing 3,200 gifts to children between the ages of 1 and 18 over the Christmas period, organising our 2016 Children’s Day, and providing space in one our properties to host a charity shop and an international meeting organised by the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. In addition, we hosted a number of local and international university gatherings at the Globalworth Tower site which, due to the complexity and manner of its construction, has raised significant interest and has been used as a “case study” for future engineers and universities.

Social Focus Selected Charities / Donations
  • Education/Social Assistance and
  • Child Care Health-related (Hospitals, Hospices etc)
  • Health-related operations for various individual cases
  • Foundation Hospice “Casa Sperantei” Bucharest
  • Foundation for the Hearing Impairement (Asociatia Procultura Surzilor)
  • Foundation Pro Vita for born and unborn, Valea Screzii, Prahova county
  • Foundation Together We are Overcoming Autism
  • Association for child and family protection “Ana and the Children”
  • Association for equal opportunities (“Un strop de fericire”)
  • Special School No9 for children (Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala nr. 9)
  • Sf Dimitrie” Foundation
  • Metropolis Foundation for children
2014/2015 Children's Day Events

Additional information about Globalworth’s CSR initiatives are available at the Company’s 2015 Annual Report.