At Globalworth, our vision is to build a “greener” and more environmentally-friendly portfolio, as we feel this is the best way to give back to local communities, our investors, our tenants, our partners and our staff who work in or live nearby our buildings.

Building a sustainable portfolio is also a commitment to our partners and our shareholders to create value for the long term.

We currently hold 6 office properties which have received green (BREEAM or LEED) accreditations and we are exploring the potential for similar accreditations for other properties in our portfolio (standing and development projects).

Green Certified Properties Developments / New Investments
  • BOB: BREEAM In-use / Excellent and LEED Gold certifications (for part of the property)
  • BOC: BREEAM In-use / Excellent certification
  • UniCredit HQ: BREEAM Very Good certification
  • City Offices: LEED Gold certification
  • Green Court “A”: LEED Gold certification
  • Green Court “B”: LEED Gold certification

We currently have 6 other properties under various stages of green certification
  • Globalworth is designing its development projects to be energy efficient and sustainable, aiming to achieve LEED Gold or BREEAM Very Good or higher accreditations
  • The Globalworth Tower project, which was delivered in Q1-16, received LEED Platinum pre-certification while under construction, and we are in the process of formalising its Green accreditation in 2016
  • When considering new investments, Globalworth is looking, insofar as is possible, for Green buildings or properties which have the potential to receive a Green classification

Additional information about Globalworth’s CSR initiatives are available at the Company’s 2015 Annual Report.